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The accent is so incorrect the women don't say the word correctly like "de nada" ( your welcome) must be saying "je nada" but she say it " de nada" and a lottttt of words

Can’t go wrong

Easy to use and Fun!!!

So far so good

I'm new to it but so far it's not bad

Excellent app

Perfect app for teaching the basics of Portuguese in a user friendly manner.

Glad to find Euro Portuguese.

My Husband's family is Azorean and this has great vocabulary. Hubby's mom has Alzheimer's and I sit with her and do the exercises and she can help me. :)

I love this app--Real Portuguese!

It works flawlessly! I began to learn right away. This app makes it fun to learn. It's easy to pick up and a pleasure to play with while learning. I encourage you to use it. I think you'll like it!


I believe this is Spanish and it doesn't give all Portuguese correct

Simple, yet effective app

User friendly and interesting. Uses a combination of written words, pictures and a native speaker talking to really get your brain engaged. You can record and play back your voice to check pronunciation. Items you miss are reiterated to reinforce your memory. You set the pace of learning and can control what and how you want to focus. As you go, you get immediate results to to chart your progress. Well done!

Great app

Wish there were more of this!

Great app !!

Love it ! Easy to use !


I love it


A wonderful app. Thank you so much for the beautiful work, I am learning the Portuguese language easily.

Great for European Portuguese!

It's really hard to find stuff to keep up with my Portuguese because most of the materials out there are for Brazilian Portuguese and I speak Azorean/European Portuguese. This is super awesome to just keep up with basic vocab between trips to Portugal.


I usually don't rate but this is a pretty good app for beginners! Definitely made me want to further my learning on the beautiful language!

Great intro to Portugese

First timer in Portugal for 6 weeks and I'm finding the language to be close to Spanish, with some French influence and sounding rather Italian. This app has been the best tool for me to make the conversion from the Spanish I know and begin to hear and pronounce things correctly. Best in class!

Good Basics

Good program to review basic words & phrases!

Great service!

Thanks for a terrific app...I am learning! I love the multiple ways to practice and the audio so I can work on pronunciation.

Best app!!

This app makes it really easy to learn Portuguese!!!


This is a helpful app for learning and refreshing basic Portuguese. Obrigado!

Love this app

You can learn so much!

Great free app

This app will help you get started with basic vocabulary. There are many different ways to study and they're all very comprehensive. In order to lay the foundation for further study get and use this app!

Excellent App! Learn Quick!

This is a excellent app! It is useful, educational, fun, and easy to use! I love it! ---**FIVE*STARS**--- Learn Portuguese Quick!

Really good

I learn by memorization and this app great at helping you learn by quizzes and games. Love it

Exactly what the kids needed

Makes learning fun. They were asking when we were going to play again!

European Portuguese!

A very useful app for learning Eu Portuguese (most everything else is Brazilian). Basic vocabulary and pronunciation using a variety of learning tools and methods. Get this one!

Great Companion!!

Excellent companion to develop your skills

Simple and easy to use. You learn without realising it

The app is fairly basic in its approach to learning, but so far it is working to learn the basics. I have no knowledge of Portuguese but already I am picking up many words without thinking about it. It uses repetition but in an interesting way. For the basics I would recommend.

Very interactive

I love how interactive this app is!

Best vocabulary app so far. Have almost every language.

Highly recommend.

Great app

Very useful

Great Information!

I'm traveling to Portugal & now I have some great words & phrases I can use.

Learning more!

Great app


Love the app, works great!

Get your learn on

Started learning because I am dating a beautiful Brazilian/Japanese mixed girl. I initially picked up Portuguese study for her but the more I learn the more interested I am in the language! This app makes it very easy to study on the go and comes highly recommended. Good luck to all in your learning endeavors!

Very good

Plenty of exercises to learn vocabulary

So far so good

Just downloaded and started playing with it. So far really fun. Will check back after a few weeks with it.

Love it

Great app

Nice App

I've been struggling to find an app that teaches the non-Brazilian version of Portuguese. This is what I've been looking for. The only two things that I wish it had was a search option and section with more common phrases for tourists to ask: Do you have a restroom? Where can I find ***? Where is the closest ***? Stuff like that. Otherwise I am really enjoying the flash cards and other activities.

Easy and fun

Easy and fun.

European Portuguese!

What a great app! I love the interactive options to reinforce learning! In just three days I am surprised that I have retained soooo much! Abrigado!

Nice app

Nice app to learn portugese words and phrases before traveling to Portugal


At last an ap for Euro Portuguese!

Designed perfectly...

I love the way things are divided into sections and the games make it fun.


I like the "listening" part the best

The best fundamental Portuguese learning and translation interface in the App Store. Period.

Basic. Simplistic. No frills. This app is everything you need and nothing you don't. I just started dating this gorgeous Amazonian girl 76 days removed from her home in Brasilia who's not quite native-level fluent in English, although she's learning rapidly. Still, things like humor and flirtation and - most importantly - affection, sometimes get lost in translation as they are the last to be mastered. I want to help her along and be able to connect with her as much as I can, and this app has helped me help her so much. She's a lawyer in Brazil and studying here for the BAR, so she needs to master English ASAP in order to pass it. Now she doesn't have to stay silent when she doesn't have the words in English to tell me how she feels. Norma words everyone uses she has down pat, albeit with this sexy accent I hope she never loses, but less-common, more dramatic and expressive words about her feelings toward me are not yet a part of her vocabulary, but this app has them all, even some slang she'll need to pick up. Great jumping-off point for beginner Port Chops and 'Zilian's. Hopefully I can learn this before she gets sick of not being able to curse out her dumb American boyfriend.

Nice little app.

Simple interface. Nice selection of quizzes to review and reinforce material.

Great app!

Has a wide variety of topics covered. My old brain is retaining the info!


Good job. Nice App😎


This app deserves nothing less than 5 stars for its real European Portuguese👏👏. It's a great app and I will be using it to better develop my Portuguese.

Good Tool

Worth the investment in time & cost. Helpful!

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